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BayWISS-Kolleg Infrastructure, Buidling and Urban Development

Trägerhochschule Bundeswehr University Munich

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The Bundeswehr University Munich was founded in 1973 to provide officers and officer candidates with a sound scientific education. However, it also offers civilian students with the opportunity to pursue studies under certain conditions. There are currently 3,500 students enrolled at the university. Ten faculties offer 17 Bachelor’s and 20 Master’s degree courses. All degrees are state-recognised and equivalent to those of the state universities. A trimester system each consisting of three-monthly lecture periods, enables students to obtain a Bachelor’s degree within three years and a Master’s degree within four years. The range of subjects is consistently adapted to ongoing developments in society, the economy and the university landscape.

The Bundeswehr University Munich is internationally positioned and networked. It maintains university partnerships with over 70 internationally renowned research universities and institutes worldwide. The regional focus is on Europe, the USA and Latin America. The International Office enables students to participate in a number of exchange programmes that are exempt from tuition fees. Approximately eight per cent of the university’s students and visiting researchers are currently from overseas.

The Bundeswehr University Munich affords its scientists broad working and cooperation opportunities in basic and applied research. As a member of numerous research associations and through cooperation with other universities, it is integrated and recognised in the national and international research landscape. The excellent research conditions make it possible to appoint internationally renowned scientists to Neubiberg. This is positively reflected in the topicality and quality of the teaching. Just like every state university, the Bundeswehr University Munich trains early career researchers and leads them to doctoral and post-doctoral qualifications.


Prof. Dr. Merith Niehuss

Prof. Dr. Merith Niehuss

The university is a member of the following BayWISS Joint Academic Partnerships:

Mobility and Transport


Communication & Media


Infrastructure, Buidling and Urban Development


Doctoral Candidates